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The Top 5 Hipster European Football Cities

Top 5 Hipster European Football Cities

Here are 5 few lesser known hipster football hotspots which you should definitely check out and visit on your travels.

Seville, Spain

Seville Architecture

Spain’s 4th biggest city which is argued as the countries 3rd biggest football city after Madrid and Barcelona, Seville is quickly becoming a hotspot for football tourists and a capital of European football in Southern Spain.

Famed for its orange tree-lined streets and one of Spain’s biggest sporting derbies, with games between Real Betis and Sevilla CF being one of the most fiercely fought in Spain.

Both teams now compete in the European football competitions, seeing the sporting passion in the city skyrocket. Whether you prefer to take in either a Real Betis or Sevilla game, you will not be disappointed with either stadium seeing 40,000 plus supporters creating an atmospheric event every week.

Seville also has a fantastic history to explore as well as shopping streets galore. You will not be bored and you will see why it really is becoming a hub for people wanting a different type of city break.

We're extremely proud and excited to have Seville as one of our Spanish destinations.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

Lying on Italy’s Northern Mediterranean coast, wedged between the sea and the mountains is Genoa. The city has a certain unique charm about it that’s starting to attract a lot of attention.

With two of the oldest footballing clubs in Italy (Sampdoria and Genoa FC) both calling this city their home, it’s a real hipster destination for football history fans. The two clubs have generally been there or thereabouts at the top of Italian football for decades.

Rivalries split families and neighbourhoods alike, the city’s football passion is as good as it has ever been. Match days see the city buzz with excitement, however, with the two clubs share a stadium, only one can play in the city at one time. This means when a home game is played the city turns into a festival of either white and blue or red and navy.

As well as the football, Genoa’s beaches and coastline attracts millions of visitors every year. Its charm coupled with some of the best food in Italy make it a real gem.

Athens, Greece

Acropolis, Athens, Greece

When many people think of Athens, they think of the ancient temples and ruins of one of histories most spectacular cities. But the truth is, it’s becoming a sporting hub too.

Millions of people flock to the city which in terms of sports, is most famous as the birthplace of the Olympics. But Athens is also home to the three biggest teams in the country.

The city is no doubt the countries footballing capital. Taking in a sample of Greek football is something special for someone new to it. You will arguably struggle to find the passion similar to that found at the stadiums of Olympiakos, AEK Athens or Panathinaikos anywhere else in Europe.

The Greeks love their football and really make a celebration of match days. With a city that’s full of history and sights to see as well, you can’t go wrong with Athens as a destination for your next European football adventure.

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart Old Town

When travelling to Germany, more and more people are avoiding the big city of Berlin and heading more towards the retro and alternative Stuttgart.

It's not hard to see why, with beer halls to accommodate hundreds, to huge techno nightclubs to dance the night away, Stuttgart is really becoming a popular tourist destination.

And then there’s the football. With Germany’s 4th biggest stadium full every single week, packed with passionate fans cheering for one of Germany’s great clubs, VfB Stuttgart.

The club has recently made strides in their first season back in the Bundesliga with them now beginning to really wow fans with an attractive style of football, and a fighting desire which is emulated by the crowds.

Hundreds of huge waving flags grace the North Stand every week, which has given the stadium a unique atmosphere to rival the likes of Borussia Dortmund’s.

The city fills in the months of September and October for the annual Oktoberfest, with massive parties carrying on into the stadium. It’s a definite recommendation for a sports travellers bucket list.

Stuttgart is one of our many German destinations and is a city which we would advise you to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Unless you’ve taken a trip to Portugal already for football reasons, you’re more than likely not to have visited the Northern city of Porto.

It’s not a usual summer holiday destination like the Algarve in the South or the popular capital of Lisbon, but it’s starting to appear more on travellers itineraries.

This is mostly down to the cities charm and allure. Lying on the banks of the River Douro, lined with colourful old buildings and grand cathedrals, the cities definitely appealing.

Footballing wise, this is one of Europe’s real outposts. Every football fan knows of FC Porto, a team that plays some of the most attractive football in the world, with the club also being the foundation blocks for the managerial careers of José Mourinho and André Villas-Boas.

Taking a trip to the Estádio do Dragão to watch a game is something special in itself, it seems the whole of Porto gets behind their local team on match days, with the city buzzing, seeing fans congregate over the streets and in the city’s many bars to cheer for their great club.

Porto has produced some real stars in the past so take a trip to the city for a weekend and hopefully, you’ll catch the next one.

Porto is one of our two Portuguese destinations. If you're a fan of drinking Port, you'll love Porto.


We hope you enjoyed reading more about these 5 amazing footballing cities. If you have travelled to any of these cities, comment below and let us know about your experiences.

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