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Netherlands flag Amsterdam
Amsteram Christmas Market

Destinations in The Netherlands

This bustling modern city has so much to offer visitors from all walks of life. The canals flow through quaint Dutch historical neighbourhoods through to modern lively bar lined streets.
After you have taken in the city, take a trip to the Amsterdam Arena and explore how Ajax pioneered the concept of total football, which dominated world football for decades. The Dutch have always been passionate about there football and the Ajax fans are up there with the best.
Visit the many sites such as the Van Gogh Museum, or just let go in the cities party central red light district, as well as sampling the new generation of Dutch football.
Travel right into the centre of one of Europe's most modern and vibrant cities. Rotterdam is host to grand modern architecture and bustling bars which straddle the side of The River Rhine. The city is proud of its maritime culture, with The National Maritime Musem and The SS Rotterdam both being huge tourist hotspots.
Fastly becoming a new party central for travellers across Europe. The city boasts one of the most unique night out in Europe and mixes all this with a love of football.
Take a trip to The De Kuip Stadium on the banks of the river, and take in why Feyenoord fans become so famous in celebrating their football clubs Eredivisie title in 2017.
Eindhoven offers travelling tourists a quaint European city that’s about to explode into a must-visit destination. The city has no canals like many other Dutch cities but has style and charm in a different way.
The city is home to many futuristic buildings which has developed into a technological hub Silicon Valley would be jealous of.
Local club PSV Eindhoven is one of the countries strongest teams, reaching the UEFA Champions League Final in the early 2000s. PSV are also famous as a stepping stone for some of the games greatest stars, such as Brazilian duo Romário and Ronaldo.
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