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Madrid Plaza de Colon
Barcelona Beach Spain

Destinations in Spain

A revamped Madrid has appeared over the last decade. The centre of the city has modernised with new cafés and gastrobars opening up. Gran Via still remains a tourist hotspot, the cities answer to London's Regent Street.
Madrid is most famous for it's football, and thousands of people flock to the Santiago Bernabéau to witness the greatest players money can buy. But Madrid isn't just home to one footballing giant, but two. With Atlético Madrid playing in the newly built Wanda Metripolitano Stadium.
People who travel to Spain tend to overlook Madrid for it's coastal rivals, but we assure you, that you shouldn't. Madrid is a wonderful city which everyone must visit.
"Mes Que Un Club". "More Than A Club". This is what football means in Barcelona. A city with a rich history both on the pitch and off it.
From its nearly finished Gothic cathedral, to the bars and nightlife that line Las Ramblas. Barcelona has something to offer everyone. You can also take a quick trip to La Roca for a spot of shopping, or just relax in one of the hundreds of trendy new modern bars Barcelona has to offer. No trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to the largest stadium in Europe, The Nou Camp.
To be Catalan is to have your own identity and to be different. You'll be quick to find out what this exactly means.
Valencia is developing into a real city of culture, and is truly the centre of the new modern Spain. Parties next to the Mediterranean will go on long into the night at the cities many beachfront bars and clubs.
The city isn't just home to the new, but also the old. With medieval golden-stoned buildings lining many streets. 
You can also take in the grand Mestalla Stadium to watch Valencia CF play, arguably Spain's third biggest club for many years.
Home to Europe's largest aquarium, Explore Valencia, which is truly a must see city.
The heart of Spain's Andalusia region, Seville has a culture and identity of its own. With its old Moorish castles and courtyards, winding back alleys lined with tapas bars, this is truly a more traditional Spanish city.
Seville is home to both Sevilla FC and Real Betis, who contest one of the fiercest footballing rivalries in Spain. With the former bringing home 3 Europa League trophies in as many years between 2014-16.
Lively bars play traditional Spanish music, where you can dance late on into the night, and the city is so beautiful, TV network HBO decided to film some scenes for Game of Thrones here.
Nestled in a rocky bay in the North of Spain, lies the city of Bilbao. The capital of the historic Basque region. The city is different to any other in Spain and boasts its own culture and language.
The locals are traditionally proud people, and proud too about their football. Athletic Club Bilbao only play Basque players, and this has given the club a romance rivalled by none.
Visit the many bars and restaurants on the banks of the Nervion River or take in the Guggenheim arts museum. Bilbao as a city shows off the proud Basque culture and heritage, a must sample for any travel lover.
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