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Super Bowl LII Review - Philadelphia vs New England

Philadelphia vs New England

You've probably already seen it 100 times today, but last night / early morning, the Philadelphia Eagles shocked the sporting world by beating the New England Patriots by a score of 42-34 to win Super Bowl 52.

The game broke over 30 records and is arguably the best Super Bowl ever. The most notable record to be smashed was the most total yards by both teams in an NFL game. A whopping 1,151 yards of play was seen, that's over 1km!

We could sit here and talk about everything that happened in the game for over a week and we still wouldn't have covered everything, so let's just quickly summarise what this result means.

- Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Super Bowl since forming in 1933.

- The Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl 10 times. Losing half.

- Nick Foles won the MVP award and could be in for a nice pay rise.

- Nobody still understands the catching rule.

If you'd like to watch the highlights of the game. Here's a link to the NFL's highlight video on YouTube.


So now we all know what happened, let's talk about the two cities which they represent, we are a travel company of course.

Both Philadelphia and the New England region date back to the mid-1600's when the first colonies started forming in America. Both played pivotal in pushing through America's independence from Great Britain, with the Boston Tea Party occurring in 1773, and the Declaration of Independence actually being signed in Philadelphia, in what is now Independence Hall.

Here's a quick infographic looking at the two cities. As New England isn't a city. We've looked at Boston, as the New England Patriots only play 28 miles from the city.

Boston and Philadelphia Comparison


If you're ever thinking about travelling around America, these are two cities we would recommend. Both offer great culture and historical significance, there's no end of things to do, and the weather in from March to October is nice and sunny. If you're also fond of American sports, these cities offer no end of entertainment, with both cities home to franchises in the major five sports: American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, and Football / Soccer.

These two cities are surely on our minds here at Sporting Holiday Group in the future, adding State-Side destinations is something we are really focused on working towards, the cities are great, the entertainment is fantastic, and the food is just delicious.


Thanks for reading. Please leave some feedback on this blog. We're thinking of doing similar city comparisons and fact-files in the future and want your feedback on how we can further improve them.

If you would like to learn more about the cities of Boston and Philadelphia. You can do so here:

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