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The Cheapest Places To Fly To In America

Cheapest Places to fly to in America

People always assume that flights from the United Kingdom to the United States of America are going to be expensive, however, this isn't necessarily the case. In this blog, we will look at some of the American cities and destinations that you can travel to at an affordable cost.

Please note that all of the prices are based on flights from London. We would advise travelling to the USA from London due to more direct routes and cheaper tickets.

Other airports which you may want to consider if planning on making a trip to America are Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast. Flying from most of these airports see you have a connecting flight in European cities such as Amsterdam, Reykjavik or Dublin.

Please take into account that some of the prices discussed in this article do include connecting flights within them and fees may vary depending on the day you intend to depart and return, and also how long you book in advance.


Flights in Autumn Months

Washington DC in Autumn

If you are planning a trip to America in the less busy, but still mildly warm autumn months, you have a multitude of cities available for you to visit at a reasonable cost.

The month of October is a great time to travel to America, with affordable options on both the East and West coasts which still offer summer weather. Below you can find some average flights prices for the month of October.

Orlando - £252

Boston - £272

Miami - £283

Chicago - £283

New York - £287

Los Angeles - £302

San Francisco - £311

Austin - £312

Denver - £316

Seattle - £326

Washington DC - £334

This is a great time of the year to visit Washington DC. The autumn months sees some of the cheapest flight prices into the countries capital in the entirety of the year and the weather is still pleasant.

Orlando is another great city to visit at this time of the year. Flights are around £50 cheaper compared to the summer months, with temperatures averaging highs of 29°C in the autumn, as well as the many theme parks and tourist hotspots being less crowded.


Flights in Winter Months

Genoa, Italy

Wanting a winter getaway or a New Years' adventure? America has many affordable destinations to fly in to over the months of December and January. Below you can find some average flights prices for the month of January.

Orlando - £252

New York - £256

Boston - £260

Miami - £275

Chicago - £275

Denver - £283

Los Angeles - £296

San Francisco - £311

Austin - £329

Washington DC - £336

Seattle - £346

New York City is a great winter destination. Flight prices are low and the city is a perfect getaway, especially for couples looking to celebrate the new year together. Boston is another city which offers a great price and cultural experience for this time of the year.

Our selection for winter is Denver, Colorado. Located right next to the Rocky Mountains, the city offers not only a rich culture and enjoyable nightlife scene, but also the adrenaline rush of winter sports. If you are looking for somewhere other than The Alps to go on your skiing or snowboarding holiday this winter, look towards Denver. You will not be disappointed.


Flights in Spring Months

Houston, Texas, USA

The Easter period is one of the British citizens favourite times of the year to go on holiday. While many travel to the likes of the usual Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese resorts, America has affordable options that you should look at.

March and April see temperatures begin to rise around many of the more Northern American cities, while the Southern and coastal cities see more consistent sunny weather. Below you can find some average flights prices to America from London for the month of April.

Boston - £276

Miami - £282

Chicago - £284

New York - £285

Orlando - £297

Austin - £310

San Francisco - £311

Los Angeles - £312

Denver - £312

Seattle - £346

Houston - £369

Miami and Orlando are great destinations this time of year. You will see temperatures around 26°C, lower than that of the summer months, but most importantly, you'll miss the tropical storms which occur from June till September.

As per usual, the cities of Chicago, New York and Boston all remain at affordable prices for tickets, with temperatures pushing into the high teens during later spring.

If you want to visit Houston, Texas, this is the best time to visit. Prices are at least £150 cheaper than what you will find any other time of the year. The city offers a wealth of entertainment and culture, with a large zoo, aquarium, and even Space Museum located within the futuristic city.


Flights in Summer Months

Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive in Summer

The Summer months are the most popular when it comes to British travellers making the trip across to America. Some cities such as Washington DC, Seattle and Houston see flight ticket prices skyrocket, however, there are many affordable options. Below are some of the cheaper cities to fly into during the month of June.

Chicago - £272

Miami - £287

New York - £287

Boston - £289

Los Angeles - £302

Orlando - £302

Austin - £310

Denver - £317

San Francisco - £325

Both Miami and Orlando may look attractive this time of the year, but bear in mind during the month of June, both see an average of 12 days rain. This is compared to the 0 days of rain in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Therefore, we would advise travelling to either of the two Californian cities if you are looking for an American summer beach experience.

If it's hot weather you're after. Both Denver and Austin offer mid-30°C temperatures with only the odd shower or two, with both areas offering great hiking and bicycling opportunities nearby.


We hope this has helped you in making any future decisions you have on making a trip across the pond at an affordable price.

America is a country on most peoples travelling bucket list, with it being more affordable than many are led to believe.

As stated previously, bear in mind that all the prices discussed within this post are from flights from London airports. Flying from elsewhere may see prices differ. Look at all travel options when looking at making long-haul flights as sometimes it may be cheaper for you to get a train into a city like London and fly from there, over travelling from your local airport.

If you found this article useful, please like and share. Also, if you would like to find out more info on the cities of Los Angeles and Denver, you can do so by reading our blog which looked at our travelling experiences and adventures around America.

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